Dec. 26th, 2009

Trojie has been trying frantically to capture and wring the necks of all the Merlin plotbunnies that have been savaging her brain lately. And so she brings you:

Title Like A Hole In The Head
Author: Trojie
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Amateur musician!AU, in which Uther owns Albion Records and Arthur is his talent scout, and Merlin is the new bass player for established pub-circuit band Old Religion ...
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin nor am I involved with the BBC in any capacity. Neither do I play the bass particularly well.

Mostly beta-read by [personal profile] ineptshieldmaid (except the epilogue, which changed after she ran her eye over the rest of it. I know you'll all tell me if you spot errors anyway ^_^)

PART ONE: I don't mean to stare, we don't have to breed
PART TWO: No need to work this out now, cos you know there's no reason why
PART THREE: Now my better hands cradle broken glass, of what was everything
PART FOUR: Yeah all those stars drip down like butter
EPILOGUE: Know that I'm gonna be your dangerous side-effect


Title: Over and Over
Autho: Trojie
Fandom: Merlin (BBC) (reincarnation!fic of sorts with general situation debt to Neil Gaiman's American Gods)
Rating: NC-17 (m/m sex, talk of prostitution)
Disclaimer, notes etc: Very much not mine - the characters belong to the BBC via Arthurian Legend, the idea of belief fuelling supernatural beings belongs to Neil Gaiman.. For those of you not familiar with American Gods, the gist of this fic is that, rather than reincarnation via serial rebirth, Merlin, Arthur et al are kept alive by the power of people's belief in their legends. Oh, and go read that book.

This is the sequel to 'All Of These Moments I'll Never Replace'"


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