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*Trojie opens Google Docs*

TROJIE: Now, *cracks mental knuckles* I want some nice, mildly-amusing happy fic, okay brain?

CASPIAN: Amen. Can I please have a happy ending?

EDMUND: The pair of you are delusional. You know it's never going to work.

TROJIE: Wait, when did you two get in here?

EDMUND: *pityingly* We never left.

TROJIE: *headdesk*

ARTHUR: I could chase them out for you

TROJIE: *doubletake*

MERLIN: I'm sorry, I tried to hold him back

ARTHUR: Yes, well, you're rubbish at restraining my manly impulses

TROJIE: *snort*

MERLIN: *blush*

EDMUND: *eyebrow raise*

CASPIAN: *looks interested*

ARTHUR: Anyway, you could write us a happy ending

MERLIN: She won't, though, she's far too interested in the tragically saving the world thing

ARTHUR: I command you to write us a happy ending

EDMUND: Excuse me, I think I have priority as liege lord of this brain

PETER: That's where you're wrong. I'm High King over all Kings in this brain

ARTHUR: Wait, when did you get in here?

PETER: *airily* Aslan

TROJIE: *looking around* He's not in here too, is he?

PETER: No, but Susan is


ARTHUR: Look, so, are you going to write that happy ending or not?

EDMUND: We've been telling you, she can't

MERLIN: I'm afraid it's true, Arthur

SPOCK: The cadet's logic is sound


ARTHUR: But I've just ordered her to

EDMUND: And I've just told you you've no authority here

ARTHUR: She's English, isn't she? That makes her my subject!

PETER: She claims to live in Narnia - that makes her OUR subject

ARTHUR: Is this going where I think it's going? *draws Excalibur*

PETER: *draws Rhindon* Probably

CASPIAN: If there's a brawl going on, I'm in *starts taking off his coat*

TROJIE: You three are worryingly alike

MERLIN and EDMUND: Tell me about it!

KIRK: Hey, wait for me!

SPOCK: *sigh*

MCCOY: Oh, for the love of ... Nurse! We're going to need a lot of bandages in here!

TROJIE: *closes Google Docs* On second thoughts, maybe some research is a better idea ...
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