Feb. 12th, 2019

Here be the writings of Trojie and Bridget. Be warned - slash, crack and overthinking lie within the pages of this journal.

We write slashfic for various continua of various ratings and degrees of silliness. We 'ship Edmund and Caspian (and Trojie mods the [livejournal.com profile] edmund_caspian LJ comm), and our version of their complicated love story (usually referred to as 'Poignant Pevensie Porn') can be found here.

There's even some genfic on this journal, believe it or not, as well as podfic and even the occasional fanvid.

There is also some original writing to be found here - the Saga of Clive and Lucien, a touching and frankly quite bizarre love story between an anthropomorphic caterpillar and his Adonis-like human mail-order toyboy which was spawned by Bridget's university creative writing course, and a present tense, stream of consciousness, rather bare and spartan protonovel about werewolves written sporadically by Trojie.

Trojie is also responsible for a large piece of nerdery in which she mapped Narnia, and the explanation for this can be found here.

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