Title: Excerpts from the Book of Clive
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash
Rating: R
Notes: Gosh, it's been a productive day. Creative Writing Prose Portfolio submission, Excerpts from the Book of Clive. Which we totally intend to get round to actually writing someday soon. Concrit welcome as usual, and many many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sedri for being the most awesome beta we could ever wish for.

Excerpts )
Title: needz moar gay
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash
Rating: R
Notes: So, Experimental Writing module. They like you to play with taboos, and they don't approve of spelling, punctuation and grammar. So what do we produce? What do you think we produced, with a brief like that? Concrit appreciated, as ever.

needz moar gay )
Title: Unexpected POV Snippet
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash
Rating: Er. R?
Notes: We were considering (read: being utterly bemused by) what to produce for Experimental Writing. We reckon the snippet under the cut counts as experimental. If anyone can figure out what it's about and what the protagonist is, we will be very impressed. A hint: it's, er, the sort of thing we generally write about.

probably not work safe once you work out what's going on )
Title: Phases (working title) Draft Part Two
Author: Trojie
Rating: PG (blood, violence) Pre-slash
Notes: This leaves off right where the last one ended. It hasn't been betaed, unless you count me staring at it and rewriting bits for several months as 'betaed'. Even Bridget hasn't looked at it (cue GASP! from f-list). So, you've got comments? Typos, bad sentences, things that don't make sense, stylistic comments ... anything you have to say, I desperately want it.

writing a story where there are only really two characters and everything happens in the present tense is trickier than I thought )
Title: Phases (working title) Draft Part One
Author: Trojie
Rating: PG (blood, fighting)
Notes: Okay, here it is. A section of very raw original fiction. Please, any comments, on style, on continuity, on things you didn't understand, I want them.

Trojie posts quickly before she bottles out )
Title: Cover Notes
Author: Trojie
Notes: I think this is the first piece of my original writing to see the light of day. Bridget has seen it, but other than that, I’ve been sitting on it for about ... five years actually. I wrote most of it in one sitting. It took me about half an hour, originally, and then I’ve looked at it every so often and adjusted bits and pieces. I’m quite happy with it. I like it. It is sort of inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’, off the album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ (if you don’t know it, go and ask your parents. You ought to know it. This album is STILL in the Top 100 Album charts and it was released over thirty years ago). It is also probably a tad influenced by Neil Gaiman, as I wrote it after I’d just finished reading American Gods three times over in two days and was a bit drunk on Gaiman. Whether or not it sounds anything like him is another matter, but this ought to be mentioned just so that blame can be laid. I’m posting this largely because I hope to have more original writing done soon, and I’m steeling myself to public reaction. Reactions and reviews always gladly received.

Cover Notes )
Title: The Mushrooms of Immortality
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash
Rating: R
Notes: Probably not safe for work, this one was written for Bridget's Short Story module, and required Trojie's assistance, as usual, to come into being. And no, she wasn't on drugs when she came up with the idea.

There are no words... )


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