Title: And None Above All The Others
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash, principally Trojie.
Fandom: BBC Merlin - Merlin/Arthur/Gwen/Morgana
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We feel it's worth pointing out that if we owned the BBC's Merlin then we probably wouldn't be posting stories about it for everyone to see - we'd be writing NEEDS MOAR GAY on the front page of every copy of the script that the writers left lying around.
Summary: 12262 words, of which we swear we only intended to write 2000 or so ... in which Arthur is the Prince of Self-Restraint, Merlin is outed as the staringest starer in Camelot, Morgana uses reverse psychology and Gwen is totally the Jeeves to everyone else's Wooster.
Notes: [personal profile] ineptshieldmaid introduced Trojie to Merlin fandom some time ago by showering her with fic links and going 'OMG YOU MUST READ THIS'. Then she succumbed to Trojie's desperate-fangirl pleading and mailed her Merlin DVDs so that she could actually WATCH the series she'd become obsessed with (big thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] spacegirlnz for MP4s for the iPod :D), in return for which she asked for OT4 fic. Trojie originally intended to write short smutty porn. Then she intended to write something short and silly. Those of you who've read the Narnia fic will by now be shaking your heads at her innocence, for it's been demonstrated many times that Trojie is incapable of writing something short. However, you'll also be pleasantly surprised to note that this took only a couple of months, rather than the six-plus months that fic USUALLY takes to churn out. SO! This fic, both silly and smutty but not short, is a present/payment for [personal profile] ineptshieldmaid for introducing Trojie to this lovely, adorable, cracky tart of a fandom. And also for supplying the title of this fic.

Beta-read by Bridget despite her not knowing the canon, because she is a saint. Hopefully, though, Trojie will be able to remedy her not having seen Merlin soon. Mwahahaha.

This is set during some undefined time-period after 'The Moment of Truth'.

It occurs to Trojie that if left to herself she writes the most incredibly, stupidly long headers for fics and that possibly she should try and curb my explanatory enthusiasm in the future ...

Without further ado - the fic! )


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