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Title: A harbour in the tempest
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash, principally Trojie
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Given that no-one has yet turned up a book of angsty gay porn by C.S. Lewis, we are going to state that this is in fact NOT his work.
Notes: Title from U2 song 'All I Want Is You'. Written for and betaed by Bridget in order to help her recover from a long and tiring round of betareading - because porn is the gift for all occasions, even if the recipient then has to betaread it. Not part of the PPP series, because there is already a perfectly good Dragon Island porn scene in part two of Duty. However, this could potentially be read as a sequel to For You

'And you're absolutely sure that'll fit up there?' Caspian asked, his brow furrowed with worry.

'One hundred percent,' said Edmund, a determined expression plastered across his face. 'If you'd just give me a hand, that is.'

Caspian regarded the situation for a moment, shrugged, and pitched forward to give Edmund a hand. 'All I can say is,' he said, grunting with exertion, 'that I have a new and improved respect for shipwrights. Their life seems to be nothing but heavy lifting. And splinters,' he added, regarding the calloused palm of his hand.

'Stop being such a big girl's blouse and keep lifting,' Edmund said shortly. 'If Reepicheep sees you slacking he'll be all disapprovingly respectful at you, and I know how much you hate that.'

After some more panting and straining, the new ship's wheel was mounted correctly, and Edmund and Caspian moved out of the way so that one of the sailors who had rather more practical experience than they could affix it to the tiller mechanism.

They hopped off the beached ship and stood back to admire her. She'd come on in leaps and bounds over the last few days, aided and abetted by the strength and new-found dedication of Eustace the Magic Dragon.

'Yes,' Caspian was saying, 'I think when I get home I shall leave romantic pursuits like shipbuilding to the experts and stick with my duties.' Edmund couldn't help noticing the sheen of perspiration on his throat. He was seized with a sudden and unruly desire to lick at it.

'I don't know,' Edmund said, fixing Caspian with a basilisk stare. 'I think there are things to be said for the hardy, outdoor life ...'

Caspian looked quizzical for a moment, then his eyes narrowed. He grinned. 'Oh, I'd agree.'

Edmund let his gaze drift naturally and nonchalantly over the beach, noting the preoccupation of the rest of the crew. And, most importantly, that of Lucy and Reepicheep.

'Fancy a walk?' he asked as carelessly as possible.

'Why certainly. It's too nice a day to spend it standing around.'

Once they'd reached the cool interior of the forest, Edmund spun, laughing, and grabbed Caspian's hand. 'Truly, the time of miracles is at hand,' he said. 'I cannot believe that worked.'

'I think it only worked because we were out of earshot,' said Caspian, locking an arm around Edmund's waist and stilling him. 'We might as well have just walked away.'

Edmund had to concede that point.

'So,' he said.

Caspian smiled at him, pulling him closer. 'So. You were saying something about the joys of the outdoors?'

'Oh yes. Fresh air, singing birds. Privacy ...'

'Yes, I rather like that aspect.'

'Given that we have so much of it, why are we still talking?' Edmund felt the need to ask.

Caspian's arms tightened around him. 'Some of us are so demanding,' he said, his lips ghosting against Edmund's.

'And some of us are teases,' Edmund informed him, leaning up and kissing him soundly. For a while they stood like that, dappled in shade and sunlight and just kissing, slowly and surely.

Caspian broke away first, his breath coming hard and eyes closed. 'It's been too long,' he said. 'Too long since Narrowhaven.'

'Too long to pick up again?' asked Edmund, drawing gentle fingers through Caspian's hair.

'Never,' said Caspian, opening his eyes and bringing Edmund's hand to his mouth, pressing a kiss against chapped knuckles. 'I could wait eternity for you, you know that.'

Edmund said nothing.

'Don't you?' Caspian asked.

Edmund looked away. 'Eternity's a long time,' he whispered. 'Don't-'

'I will,' said Caspian fiercely. 'I will, I swear. I swear it by-'

'Don't,' said Edmund, and kissed Caspian again. It was gentle, but Caspian would have none of it. He took Edmund's face in his hands, the softness of the gesture belying the force of his kiss, needing to show Edmund that he meant his words, to imprint the feel of his lips on Edmund's skin.

He shifted his hold from face to shoulders to narrow hips, pulling Edmund in close, like pieces of a puzzle, meant to fit but ultimately to break apart again, walking him back until his shoulderblades smacked the bole of the nearest tree, then letting go, keeping him there with weight and with kissing, exploring each dip and curve and angle of his body through fine homespun cloth.

'Caspian,' Edmund was saying, panting into his mouth. 'I-'

'Let me,' Caspian said, pulling himself just far enough away, a whisper of space just fine enough to start unbuttoning and pulling and sorting through shirts and tunics and breeches to get to the softness underneath. To strip him completely would be foolish, out here in the forest where anyone could come upon them, where anything might attack, but in Caspian's mind he saw the bed they'd shared at Bernstead and the way Edmund had writhed upon it, naked and trusting.

Trusting Caspian to care for him, like legends said he'd never trusted before.

A hard, slender hand quested beneath Caspian's own clothing, and Edmund's eyes opened. He pushed harder at Caspian, opening the space between them further. 'Let me, too,' he said. 'I've waited as long as you have.'

When enough of them was bare, Caspian could wait no longer, and pushed closer once more, settling naturally into place against his lover.

A few soft movements and they were both panting, Edmund with a leg hitched around both of Caspian's as far up as he could manage, Caspian's hands once more caressing Edmund's face.

'Don't ever let go of this,' Caspian murmured. 'Don't ever. Whatever happens, whoever you - I don't care.'

Edmund's eyes fluttered under their lids. He bit his lip, tugged Caspian in tighter. 'How could I?' he asked, voice raw with something Caspian couldn't identify. 'You know I never ... before. Never before you.'

'Never? But I thought you'd-'

Edmund's hips were jerking erratically now. He laughed, his voice strained. 'Oh, I did that,' he said, eyes screwed shut and body working involuntarily. 'Did that for duty.'

'Then what-'

'Never ... never for love.' Edmund's eyes flew open, his voice broke high and desperate as he came with something like disbelief and desperation in his gaze. Caspian flew over the edge in a rush, caught up by the heat and wetness and the sight of Edmund laid so bare.
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