Sep. 21st, 2009

Title: Holosuite One
Author: [personal profile] gmtaslash, principally in the guise of Trojie.
Fandom: Star Trek XI/2009/Reboot/whatever the hell we're sposed to call it
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Er, supposed to be short PWP written on demand? And ... got a bit bigger? Still PWP, but takes forever to get there.
Warnings: Slash (but warning for incorrectly applied pronouns lest anyone be disturbed), holosuites, blindfolds
Disclaimer: People we are not include anyone actually involved in the production of Star Trek XI, or in fact any Star Trek, ever. We do not own Star Trek. We do own approximately one non-consecutive third of Voyager and the entirety of Deep Space Nine on DVD, but that probably doesn't count.

Beta-read by [ profile] ansela_jonla, our PWP beta-goddess, and also by Bridget, who is so happy to be given porn to make her feel better that she doesn't object to having to beta it straight away.

We are assuming for the sake of this fic that the Trek Reboot means that the Enterprise gets holosuites this early. We do not know whether or not this is canon. In case it is not, please to refer to this fic as being in the 'Holosuite AU' )
We've seen what happens in Trojie's half of the shared brain when she opens googledocs each day. Now let's take a look at what happens over in Bridget's side of the brain.

It's like the Pronoun Problem times infinity )


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